End-to-End Test Coveragefor Web apps

We automate 80% of all end-to-end user flows to prevent bugs in production. With TestJet, this coverage is achieved in a couple of months. On average, it takes just 10 minutes to automate one test.

What weTest

Whatever can be accessed from the web, it can be tested with TestJet.

Web testing

Whatever can be accessed from the web can be tested by TestJet

iFrame testing

iFrames and parent pages have separate DOMs, so we handle the extra work for reliable tests.

Mobile testing

Yes, we test mobile apps too! We fully support Android right now, and iOS support is coming soon

Integration with APIs

We seamlessly call APIs during our tests, allowing easy integration with any software through API connections

SMS, Email, OTP validations

We test SMS and email delivery, leveraging received OTP (One-Time Password) data to complete workflows

Image comparison testing

With our AI technology, we can perform pixel-by-pixel image verification

Why 80% test coverage?

When less than 80% of user flows are tested, bugs can slip through into production. However, achieving and maintaining such thorough coverage is challenging and expensive for any team. That's why we developed TestJet – to simplify testing for you. We handle the testing process, freeing you up to focus on other important tasks.

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For Startups and Enterprises

We support these following industries:

  • Banking, Investing, Insurance

  • E-commerce, Marketplaces, Retail

  • Travel, Healthcare, HR Recruiting

  • Property management

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