Zero-Effort QA
with TestJet

We automate 80% end-to-end of all user flows within weeks, running tests and sending bug reports 24/7

Effort-less QA

24/7 Reporting

Instant results

Why TestJet?

80% Automated End-to-End Test Coverage

We cover all possible use cases and user flows to ensure full application coverage

Cost-Effective QA

Achieve significant cost savings on QA expenses up-to 75%. No need to maintain in-house QA anymore

2-minutes QA Cycle

With 100% test parallelization, tests run rapidly in minutes instead of hours, unlike other solutions

Instant Bug Reporting

Our team verifies and reports bugs within an hour, delivering detailed reports with videos and images

Zero Script Issues

Gremlins banished, scripts perfected, and re-run in the blink of an eye


Seamless integration, automated runs after each deployment, and 24/7 operation

Howit works

1. We assign QA lead and team to start process by creating a test matrix to cover all use cases.
2. We then develop a test plan, which we share with you for approval.
3. Next, we create and automate test cases.
4. Once everything is ready, we integrate tests and run them every time you deploy.
5. We promptly report human-verified bugs with zero-flakes.

TestJet Team will get your apps to 80% automated end-to-end coverage in 3-4 months.

Others vs TestJet

Automated test coverage*
Time to develop
Time to execute 100 test cases**
Test Maintenance
Bug analysis and reporting
Included unlimited test runs
Yearly Contract
100% parallel run cloud infrastructure
Full use cases coverage
12-24 months
3.5 hours
Business hours
Business hours
8-12 weeks
2 minutes

*Traditional QA automation typically achieves only 30% coverage of all user flows, leaving room for bugs to sneak into production. However, with TestJet, we guarantee 80% coverage, significantly reducing the risk of bugs reaching production. Invest in TestJet to ensure a higher quality product with extensive coverage.

**TestJet leverages its own infrastructure to execute tests in parallel, resulting in significant time savings. For instance, a test suite consisting of 100 test cases can be completed within just 2 minutes when running each test in parallel across multiple servers. In contrast, running the same test suite sequentially would require 200 minutes, equivalent to 3.5 hours. The parallel execution capability of TestJet dramatically reduces the overall testing time, allowing for faster feedback and quicker identification of any issues or bugs.

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