TestJet Platform

Our in-house AI-based automation platform runs on 100% parallel cloud infrastructure, supporting Web Cross-browser testing, API integrations, and Android mobile app testing.

Advantages of
TestJet Platform

Efficient automation

To automate one test case, on average, it takes 10 minutes, compared to other solutions that take hours or even days.

Fast Execution

All tests are running parallely, which able to achieve test results in 2-3 minutes compare to other solutions who use sequential runs.

TestJet Features

Our home-built, AI-based automation platform designed for complete control.With TestJet, you get a personalized portal, access detailed reports, track test executions, and see the full test results.

Dashboard View

Access your portal to view test runs and results.


TestJet integrates with your CI/CD process, running scripts after each deployment. It connects with your favorite tools.

Automate everything

Whatever can be accessed from the web, can be automated with TestJet: Frame testing, API integration, SMS, Email, OTP, image comparison and more.