Working withTestJet

We handle QA completly, running automated tests 24/7 and providing detailed bug reports. You can count on us to take care of all your QA needs. We offer yearly contract for uninterrupted support and peace of mind.



We Plan

We gather requirements by discussing your application and testing priorities with your team. Our dedicated QA lead will conduct a walk-through and conversation to learn more. Then, we create a Test Plan with metrics to ensure all possible use cases are covered. This process typically takes 3-4 weeks.


We Automate

Our QA engineers will automate your test cases using the TestJet platform. All use cases will be automated, providing comprehensive coverage. Typically, achieving full automation coverage takes around 10 to 12 weeks.


We Integrate

We integrate the script with your deployment process, ensuring that it automatically executes every time you deploy something. Additionally, we can integrate it with other tools like Jira or TestRail for seamless collaboration and streamlined test management.


We Execute

The script is designed to run at any given time, and our team will promptly analyze the test results, available 24/7. Within 1 hour, we will provide you with detailed bug reports, including images and videos for better understanding and reproducibility.


We Maintain

We maintain your tests 24/7 and report bugs directly to your bug tracking system or communication channels. If there are any script failures, we fix them on the same day and include the fixes in the next run.


During your TestJet review activity, you may identify a bug you wish to record in Jira. Some organizations use TestRail as an enterprise test management tool. By centrally recording and reporting test results, those organizations have taken their QA testing efforts to the next level. TestJet provides TestRail integration to maximize your test automation benefits through powerful TestRail reporting.

Dedicated QA team

Working with us is like working with in-house team. QA lead with experienced QA engineers. To each project we assign QA Lead and etc. We will set up communication chanels conviniet for you slack or teams and all reprots results will be reported in there or your bug reporting tools. Our team will adopt based on your needs, process and etc. We will act as an extension of your team

Located in California, USA

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